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The confectioners' hand-book and practical guide to the art of sugar boiling in all its branches : the manufacture of creams, fondants, liqueurs, pastilles, jujubes (gelatine and gum), comfits, lozenges (plain and medicated), chocolate, chocolate creams, drops, bars, &c; American caramels, ice creams and moulded ices of every description : jams, jellies and marmalades (by fire and steam). Preserved and crystalized fruits, candied peel, English and Scotch pastry, cordials and syrups for American hot & iced beverages. Aerated waters of every description, by hand and machine, for bottle, syphon, or fountain, ginger beer, horehound, and other fermented beers. The recipes are accompanied with full and clear instructions in every branch. Every information about colours and flavours; the best to use and how to make them. Useful notes on machinery for every purpose, and about one hundred illustrations

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